Francesco_Jimi released this version on Feb 14, 2021

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  • Fixed a conflict between pistons and place flag
  • Fixed some issues with pistons flag
  • Fixed a conflict between flag and liquids flags (thanks to Vulant and benllben for some hints about the fix)
  • Fluid pickup with a bucket is now handled by the corresponding fluid flag (for instance, picking water with a bucket is possible if the waterflow flag is true). Note that if the destroy flag is set to false, the water won’t be remove, but the bucket will be filled (leading to an infinite water source). Also, if the fluid flag is set to false, but the destroy flag is set to true, you won’t be able to remove the fluid by picking it up with a bucket
  • Fixed an issue where players riding an entity can enter a region with the enter flag set to false
  • Improved code for enter flag check (will be further improved in next release).
  • When attempting to enter a region with the enter flag set to false the player will be bounced back based on it’s velocity (this may change in future as right now there are certain situations where players can be pushed really high/far away). If attempting to enter on a mount (like a horse), the player will be dismounted and pushed back outside the region, however the entity will still go on. A player can’t mount an entity in a region where the enter flag is set to false, unless permitted, as it can’t mount an entity from a region with the exit flag set to false, unless permitted.
  • Merged back API7 repository into base repository, to avoid general confusion