Francesco_Jimi released this version on May 23, 2020

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  • Fixed some errors with the pvp and damage related flags for modded weapons and tools, like Tinker’s construct.

  • Fixed multiblocks not being replaced correctly after the break event was cancelled. Please note that this may accidentally impact other flags, so if you find any issue please report it to the Issue Tracker on GitHub and will be fixed as quickly as possible.

  • /rg command now supports subcommands with specific parameters, but it doesn’t have tab completion

  • Add new command /rg blockuse. Use this to disallow the interaction with specific blocks in the Region (for example Chests from the ironchest mod, as they are not seen as chests by Sponge)

  • Reworked the itemuse flag. To allow it working with some modded items, like the gravity gun, it now removes the item from the inventory and add it back. Note that if while doing this your inventory is filled up, the item stack will be dropped on ground. A big thank you to MoseMister to his support on some issues with this system!

Also some Updates on version 3. V3 will be a MASSIVE update to the plugin. It will add some long-requested features, like poly-regions and APIs. The work on the plugin is in a good state right now, almost every command has been implemented or improved, both existing and new commands (yes, you read it correct, there will be new commands). Also, the plugin is being developed with extensibility in mind, meaning there will be some ways to make addons for the plugin itself. This mean that some functionalities that are in the plugin right now (such as the Region rent system) will become an addon, to leave the base plugin as clean as possible (since not everyone might need such feature). But, to answer the big question: when will come out? The answer is…. I don’t know. I’m doing all the best I can to release it as soon as possible, and the fact that I’ve been at home full time for the last 2 months surely helped a lot. But there are certain days, especially during the week, where my actual job drains all energies from me, so I’m really sorry if I can’t work every day on this new version. But all I can say is that you will definitively love it when will come out, so please be patient, it will worth the wait ;)