Francesco_Jimi released this version on Sep 30, 2018

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  • BETTER CODE!: Improved the liquid flow flags source code to avoid some small errors. Those errors are believed to be the cause of some bug reports, mostly the “Could not pass MoveEntityEvent”. So, having more controls on what happens on those flags should now prevent these errors to spam the server console and cause lag.
  • NEW COMMAND /rg itemuse: With this new command you can allow or disallow an item to be used inside the Region. Note that this flag is intended to work with items, like bows, enderpearls, snowballs etc…. You can disallow the use of blocks and items like boats or minecarts, however since there are already specific flags for them you might have some unpredictable results, like consuming the item without actually spawning the block or the entity. The command syntax is the follow: /rg itemuse true|false modid:itemid, for example /rg itemuse false minecraft:apple will disable the use of apples, meaning no one in the Region can eat them (how cruel you might be to do that?)