FabioZumbi12 released this version on Jul 14, 2017

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Good news and fixes on 1.7.3 (Yes, we skipped 1.7.2):

  • Added API Event PostFormatChatMessageEvent.java to allow other plugins to get the message per player as text, ready to send to chat, and cancellable;
  • Now all channels, including channels alias like /g will fire the chat event;
  • Improved private messages, allowing players to send private messages to console and console to player, all firing the chat events to be listen (for discord plugins and other listeners).
  • Chat Spy now listen to console messages too;
  • Fixed when using command /ch with an invalid channel;
  • Fixed some tell problems;
  • Now the placeholder {nickname} will return Nucleus nickname if set, without dependency. You dont need anymore to use {chat_header};

Enjoy our Discord channel to get help: https://discord.gg/u2vPgjs
Follow all our changes and Dev builds on our Jenkins: http://areaz12server.net.br:8080/job/UltimateChat/