FabioZumbi12 released this version on Jan 18, 2018

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RedProtect 7.3.0 - Build 68

  • Universal jar: The same jar is compatible with API 5, 6, 7 and 8;
  • Fixed enter/exit notifications not showing;
  • Added BossBar to show enter/exit notifications;
  • Redprotect API changed. Will break plugin using the old api; *Added configuration to change the teleport time;
  • Added option to add more blocks to be break if “build-on-claims” is true (to break grass as example);
  • Added addFlag() to allow other plugin to register custom flags;
  • Fix players allowed to get border blocks;
  • Fix time to show border blocks;
  • Added maxy and miny;
  • Added bypass permissions for flags related to enter/exit;
  • Try to dismount the player if have no permission to enter on region;
  • Improved flag enter related;
  • Added option to set limits per world;
  • Added flag build;
  • Added piston listener to deny get pistons from protected areas;
  • Fix command laccept and lno not work;
  • Fixed rp inside other rps gets from block limits;

Because of lot of changes, follow all changes on our Jenkings:
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