A utility Discord <-> Minecraft chat relay plugin



Eufranio released this version on Apr 7, 2021

8.9 MB

This is a big update to MagiBridge, adding many new features. **It should work with both Nucleus 1.x and 2.x. **


  • Add support for parsing (clickable) links in chat
  • Add support for replacing words from the game to Discord (mc-to-discord-replacer)
  • Add support for using channel IDs with the /mbroadcast command
  • Add support for customizing the player list message format
  • Add support for relaying /broadcast commands (from Nucleus)
  • Add support for Nucleus and PlaceholderAPI placeholders on messages
  • Add support for multiple (comma-separated) roles on commands-role-override
  • Fix error when sending empty mentions
  • Fix HelpOp messages not being displayed
  • Fix dependency relocation not working, causing NoSuchMethodErrors
  • Fix MagiBridge not ignoring it’s own messages when using ignore-bots=false
  • Fix compatibility with nations-updated