Select custom kits and battle opponents for dominance



Darcy_Chen released this version on Feb 19, 2018

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This long-awaited update brings full support of MOD items and improves the general stability of the plugin. Previously generated configs of arenas and playerclasses are no longer compatible. Please remove the entire blockyarena config folder before loading the server with this update. Most of the commands are changed, so please refer to the wiki for an updated instruction.

Detailed refinements are listed below:

  • autosave player’s inventory on join
  • health and food level is maxed on join
  • play solo and doubles mode
  • solutions that deal with sudden quit/logout in any phase of a duel
  • support creating custom kits with MOD items
  • detailed properties of items like enchantment and durability can be accurately logged
  • commands are refined

This release has no dependencies