Select custom kits and battle opponents for dominance

Creating an arena

An arena is a designated region in which the minigames are held. To start creating a new arena, execute the following command in game, with <id> being the name of the new arena you are about to create:

/ba create arena <id>

I.e., if you want to create an arena named foo, you need to type /ba create arena foo.

An arena should have the following player spawn points:

  • one lobby spawn: players spawn here when they join a minigame.
  • one spectator spawn: players spawn here when they’re eliminated from the minigame.
  • two or more start spawn: these are the spawn points for each of the individual teams. If you add two start spawn, your arena will support 1v1 and 2v2; if you add more than two start spawn, your arena will also support Free-For-All (FFA).

You configure the arena interactively via the edit command, where <id> is the name of the arena and <type> is one of the above types in bold:

/ba edit <id> spawn <type>

Start by physically standing on one of the spawn points. Once you execute the edit command, your location and head rotation will be registered for that spawn point, so you may want to look ahead while executing the command. For instance, typing /ba edit foo spawn lobby sets your current transform to be the lobby spawn point for the arena foo.

In addition to the lobby spawn point, you also need a spectator spawn point and at least two start points. There’s no upper limit to how many start points you can have, but keep it reasonable because the game will not start until the number of players in the queue matches the number of start points in the arena.

Once you’re done with the configuration, put the arena into operation by saving it:

/ba edit <id> save

Creating a kit

A kit is a collection of vanilla or modded items that a player equips before the game starts. To create a new kit, populate your inventory with the items you wish to have for the kit, then execute the following command, with <id> being the name of the kit:

/ba create kit <id>

You may override an existing kit by executing the above command with the same <id>.

Playing the game

There are three possible team modes: 1v1, 2v2, and ffa. To join a new game, execute the following command:

/ba join <mode>

You can also let the players join by interacting with a command block. For instance, to let a nearby player join a 1v1 deathmatch, put the following command in the command block:

/ba join 1v1 -p @p

To retrieve a pre-configured kit, execute the following command. You can also use the -p option like above if you want players to retrieve kits by interacting with a command block.

/ba kit <id>

To quit the game:

/ba quit


You can configure the duration of the starting countdown in /config/blockyarena/blockyarena.conf. The deafult duration is 10 seconds.


  • blockyarena.create
  • blockyarena.remove
  • blockyarena.edit

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