A towny-like worldguard-like zone managment plugin.



Carrot released this version on Jul 22, 2017

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  • Fixed a lag problem on servers with a lot of nations
  • Add extra protections to signs when using mods to edit them
  • Cleaner particles on /n see
  • Fixed a ‘Nation too close’ bug
  • Updated chinese lang file
  • Fixed a problem with mods bypassing protections
  • Add message in console when zone is deleted
  • ⚠️No longer auto-claiming 1 block and spawn when creating a nation
  • Added a config line to switch to chunk-claim instead of the golden axe (enableGoldenAxe)
  • Fixed a bug where public zones were not buyable when buyer has no nation
  • ⚠️Entering zones / nation / wild no longer display in chat but above inventory
  • Add commands to change nations tags
  • Add config entry to change in chat nation tags
  • Add /na {set,del}spawn
  • Fix clickable menu for admin nations
  • Can now autojoin spychat channel with perm node nations.admin.spychat