Carrot released this version on Jun 9, 2017

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❗️❗️❗️ Shop creation now require a permission node carrotshop.create will allow to create all 3 kinds of shops. You can also use more detailed ones: carrotshop.create.buy, carrotshop.create.sell or carrotshop.create.trade

  • Add support for trapped chests
  • Add a confirmation message when buying/selling/trading item in chat
  • Add a message for shop owner if online when someone uses his sign
  • Add the /carrotshopreport command - aliases: shopreport, carrotreport, cr, sr, creport, sreport
  • Fixed a problem with some item names displayed wrongly
  • Fixed a problem with enchanted books, enchanted stuff, potions, arrows with effect and spawn eggs
  • Fixed a typo in a message

Created a wiki for both players and admin https://github.com/TheoKah/CarrotShop/wiki