MSDataSync is an advanced player data backup plugin that lets you store, manage, edit and rollback player data!



Cableguy20 released this version on Jan 8, 2020

6.1 MB

Version 1.0.0-BETA1


If you are currently using v0.6.2, you must migrate your data before you can use this version

Click here for a step-by-step guide

Release notes

Please note that this is a beta release. Although it is quite “stable”, it may have some bugs. If you find any or have any feedback or suggestions, please submit them either on the discord server or by creating an issue on the github page

New Stuff

  • New storage options
    • Added Xodus (only for single-server setup, no external DB or extra setup required)
    • To change, simply edit “dataStoreName” to “xodus” in the config and run /sync reload or restart your server
      • There is currently no way to migrate data from one storage option to another, but this is a planned feature
    • Xodus requires spotlin 0.2.0
    • MariaDB is planned
  • Swatted bugs
    • Fixed bug where the initial user upload failed which prevented snapshots from being uploaded
    • Fixed bug that could lead to “rogue” snapshots that were not linked to a user
  • Improved navigation through snapshots
    • Snapshot info screen now has arrows to go to next/previous snapshot
    • Renamed “Back” to “List” in snapshot info screen
    • Navigation buttons now directly run a command, instead of suggesting it enabling quicker navigation
  • Snapshot selector now accepts ids (in addition to dates)