A simple server-side chat plugin for Pixelmon that mimics the 'Whos that Pokemon' intervals from the show



Bisxsh released this version on Sep 11, 2021

1.3 MB


  • Improved code structure
  • Improved the accuracy of item reward names being displayed
  • Created a new default config file with comments located at “config/whosthatpixelmon/whosthatpixelmon.conf”, the old config file may be deleted as it will no longer work with newer versions. Users who modified the old config file will need to modify the new one to keep their changes.
  • Added a commands node to the config file, which contains a list of commands that will be executed by the server when a player wins the chat game
  • Added a config option to enable/disable commands
  • Added a config option to enable/disable item rewards
  • Added a config option to reveal/hide the answer if the chat game isn’t answered correctly
  • Added a config option to change the time interval for players to guess the sprite
  • Updated readme.md to contain the new config options