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AuroraLS3 released this version on Aug 8, 2018

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Bug fixes and Optimizations - Change log 4.4.2

Hello, In this bug fix update the Locale system gets some love and many bugs are fixed. Hopefully the Major bugs are fixed, since they are extremely difficult to reproduce.

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  • Locale System improved, easier to add new messages - Web pages are now translatable through the Locale, so no html changes are necessary.
    • If you have an old locale rename ‘Cmd Usage -’ to ‘Cmd Help -’
    • German locale by Morsmorse
    • Partial Simplified Chinese locale by 佛壁灯 (f0rb1d)
    • Finnish locale by me
  • HikariCP Replaced DHCP2 with HikariCP as connection pool (Bukkit, Bungee), should improve fetch speeds
    • Connections now validated before use to reduce exceptions
  • Database Patching Now patches are applied if they are not already applied, this means if you skip multiple versions in the future, all database patches are applied. Failed applications are also re-applied with this version (Looking at you IP anonymization)
  • Connection System Replaced bare java HttpUrlConnection with Apache HttpClient that has more reliable API in terms of closing resources (No more thread leakage)
  • Font awesome update -> 5.2.0, Thanks to USER=422592@Argetan/USER
  • Caching layer for page generation 10 second caching layer to reduce repeated page generation database calls on Bungee
  • ‘/’ now redirects to ‘/server’ when using HTTP
  • Litebans tables now display UUID instead of “Unknown to Plan”, also added time issued.

Bug fixes:

  • Major Attempt to fix Stall bug in 4.4.1 caused by Thread starvation (See connection system improvement)
  • Major Attempt to fix Network page hang bug caused by failing database connection pool, occurring more frequently when using External MySQL
  • Major Attempt to fix “Unsupported key” exceptions, possibly caused by improper serialization by JVM
  • Fixed Player online status not updating on Bungee properly
  • Fixed DeathEvent Exception on 1.8.X (Bukkit) when pet kills something
  • Fixed UTF-8 Encoding issue (Umlauts and russian lang now work on website)
  • Fixed Plan on CraftBukkit (Disabled Ping task on CraftBukkit)
  • Fixed Health Index calculation
    • Fixed player retain percentage rounding
    • Fixed server downtime calculation giving values over 30 days
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException related to GeoInfoMutator
  • Fixed Sponge PluginData registration
  • Fixed some Litebans PluginData exceptions
  • Fixed CacheInspectPageRequest debug logging an exception on bungee

If any of the major bugs resurface, please Open an issue as soon as possible with as much information as possible, Thanks!

If you get any errors or have issues don’t be afraid to join the Support on Discord or report the issue (This one is easier for me). Cheers!