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AuroraLS3 released this version on Jul 18, 2018

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Data Refactoring Update - Change log 4.4.0

Long time no see! Here is quite massive update to the data object structure of Plan! In addition to the new structure there are great new features & bugfixes.

Key Features:

Ping Gathering (Bukkit):

Plan now gathers player’s ping on Bukkit based servers. Best, Worst and Average ping is displayed in a graph on Performance tab, as well as on the player’s page. Ping data is stored for 2 weeks.

Ping per Country:

Ping / Country is now displayed on the Geolocations tab in a table.

Unique & New Players Graph:

This graph has been haunting the Online Activity tab for a while, and now it has been implemented. The same data is also visible on the Calendar.

Network Health Info:

Player activity based measures are now available on the network page. Playerbase Activity Charts are also present

PvP & PvE tab:

Player page now contains a fancy PvP & PvE tab that displays all player kills and deaths as well as Player & Mob KDRs

Country bar chart on Geolocations tabs:

Since hovering over every country can be tedious, now you can see top 20 countries next to the map.

CPU Usage Change:

Old CPU usage method was not actually displaying the CPU usage. New method is now in use that displays the system CPU usage accurately.

Nicknames table Last Seen:

Actions table on Player page has been removed. It’s data has been placed into nickname table.

Font Awesome 5 Icons:

Font awesome has been updated (Thanks @Argetan for the contribution)

New Features:

  • AFK tracking can be ignored with plan.ignore.afk permission
  • PlanBungee can be disabled with /planbungee disable
  • /afk commands are now tracked by AFK Tracker


  • IPv6 addresses now anonymized properly
  • Fixed IP address order in Connection Info table on Player page
  • Activity Index added to /players page
  • Player#isBanned no longer run on server thread
  • Players tables now ordered properly
  • Player page generation is now run on BungeeCord if available.
  • Player Overview tab gets Operator, Ban & Register info added to each server
  • Analysis progress no longer logged on console

Plugin data fixes (Bukkit):

  • Updated AdvancedAchievements hook (Thanks @DarkPyves)
  • McMMO now displays level data on the server page as well.
  • Fixed a Towny bug when Towny didn’t know a player.
  • Multiple fixes to Litebans tables (Table headers, player names, page overflow, ban tag when not banned)
  • Fixed Jobs table header order
  • Changed almost all Kingdoms icons to better fit
  • Fixed Unique Constraint violation related to ProtocolSupport/ViaVersion


  • Fixed some exceptions related to Analysis as a side effect from the refactoring


This was a very large revamp for the data objects in Plan and very important one. The new system allows a lot more flexible expansion and analysis of the existing data.

In addition to this, the Sponge & Bungee set up tutorials have been updated & The plugin has a new fancy icon!

If you get any errors or have issues don’t be afraid to join the Support on Discord or report the issue (This one is easier for me). Cheers!