AlexProgrammerDE released this version on Feb 27, 2022

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PistonMOTD went through a lot of rework the past few months, and this new update has NO backwards support with any previous version at all. This decision was made because of the giant amount of inconsistency in configs between platforms. All features are implemented now on every platform as far as possible. Read more in the changelog below. All configs contain comments now explaining what everything does and also automatically updates on new releases.

How to upgrade

  1. Prepare
  • rename config.yml -> config.yml.old
  • if you have a config.conf -> do nothing
  • rename icons folder -> favicons
  1. Upgrade Drop in new PistonMOTD jar -> restart the server
  2. Migrate import settings from config.yml.old or config.conf to config.yml file that was generated


  • Rewritten config (Way easier to read and understand)
  • Config is the exact same on ALL platforms
  • Self updating config with comments (With a custom config system made by me)
  • Improved dependency management (PistonMOTD should no longer interfere with other plugins at all)
  • New universal code and speed improvements
  • Commands are all just /pistonmotd now
  • Integration with popular vanish plugins (SuperVanish, PremiumVansh)